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Glenn Beck Goes On Epic, Bizarre Rant Against Obama’s Health Care Plan: "Be Afraid" (VIDEO)

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Glenn Beck contributed to the GOP effort to kill President Obama’s plan for health care reform with a bizarre and fear-laden rant on his Fox News show today. Beck direly warned Americans to “be afraid” because Obama is remaking the country “into a place that’s a whole lot crappier,” and that the nation is becoming a “hybrid between France and Venezuela.”

That’s just the beginning. The rant takes a bizarre turn as Beck begins to employ the use of various voices and odd facial expressions to emphasize his points.

WATCH: (H/t Jon)

You should be afraid [because] the President is remaking America. He’s just not remaking it the way you thought he would. He’s just remaking it into a place that’s a whole lot crappier. Kind of a hybrid between France and Venezuela… He’s taking the beacon of freedom and turning it into an apologetic, hey, what can you do for me, wannabe European, spread the wealth, socialist wonderland.

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Tour-Humble Armstrong ready to work for Contador (Reuters)

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Alberto Contador is the best rider in the world and showed on Sunday he has what it takes to win this year’s Tour de France, his team mate and great rival Lance Armstrong said.

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Spectator killed in cycling’s Tour de France

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The death of a spectator overshadowed an intriguing 14th stage of the Tour de France which saw Rinaldo Nocentini desperately cling on to the leader’s yellow jersey in cycling’s premier event.

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Woman Killed During Tour de France Stage 14

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Events like this highlight how unimportant the Tour de France stage 14 results truly are. A woman was killed on Saturday during stage 14 when she crossed the road and was hit by an escort motorcycle.

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Carla Bruni Mandela Day Dress Rehearsal Photos At Radio City Music Hall

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France’s First Lady Carla Bruni rehearses for her performance at NY’s Radio City Hall Mandela Day concert:

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Armstrong Drops To 4th At Tour de France

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BESANCON, France — Lance Armstrong dropped one spot to fourth place Saturday at the Tour de France during a stage shadowed by the roadside death of a woman hit by a police motorcycle.

Serguei Ivanov of Russia won the 14th stage and Armstrong’s former teammate George Hincapie rose to second, just missing the yellow jersey. Hincapie arrived 16 seconds after Ivanov in a small breakaway group.

Hincapie is five seconds behind overall leader Rinaldo Nocentini of Italy. Nocentini was 5 minutes, 36 seconds behind the breakaway group but kept the yellow jersey an eighth straight day.

Alberto Contador dropped from second to third. Contador, Armstrong’s Astana teammate and the 2007 champion, is six seconds behind Nocentini. Armstrong is another two seconds back.

Hincapie is the only rider to be a teammate of Armstrong as he won seven straight Tour titles from 1999 to 2005. Hincapie wore the leader’s shirt for a day in 2006 – the year after Armstrong retired.

“George is a good friend,” Armstrong said. “We wanted him to have the jersey – it would have been great for him.”

The accident happened 24 miles into the 124-mile trip from Colmar to Besancon. The victim, identified by organizers as a 61-year-old woman, was crossing the road when struck by a motorcycle escorting riders. Two others were injured and taken to a hospital when the motorcycle skidded into them. One was 36 and complained of neck pain; the other was 61 and had a broken leg.

Hincapie, a 36-year-old American who rides for the Columbia team, entered the stage 5:25 behind Nocentini in 28th place. Through the final miles, Hincapie’s breakaway group was more than six minutes ahead of the Italian, fanning suspense about the yellow shirt.

Nocentini’s AG2R-La Mondiale team, then American team Garmin both accelerated the pace, trimming the gap by the finish. Hincapie missed the yellow jersey by seconds.

TV cameras showed a frustrated Hincapie as he watched Nocentini’s pack cross the finish line. He did not speak to reporters before entering the team bus.

“Until 10km to go he was solidly in yellow until GARMIN put on the gas and made sure it didn’t happen,” Armstrong wrote on his Twiter feed. “(Hincapie) deserves to be in yellow tonight. He deserves more than that.”

Ivanov made a sign of the cross as he finished the stage in 4 hours, 37 minutes, 46 seconds after escaping the breakaway group with about seven miles left.

Ireland’s Nicolas Roche, son of former Tour champion Stephen Roche, was second, and Hayden Roulston of New Zealand was third. They finished with Hincapie, 16 seconds behind Ivanov.

The 34-year-old Russian national champion, who won a Tour stage in 2001, collapsed on a curb after finishing to catch his breath.

“It’s an amazing victory,” he said. “I didn’t have any more air. I was just two minutes, breathing, breathing. … I gave all my energy.”

Ivanov rose to 56th place overall, 27:47 behind Nocentini. The Russian entered the day’s stage in 62th place, 33:23 back.

The race enters the Alps for Sunday’s 15th stage, a 129-mile ride from Pontarlier, France, to the Swiss ski station of Verbier. The three-week Tour ends July 26 in Paris.


Associated Press Writer Samuel Petrequin contributed to this report.

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Russian Wins Death-Marred Tour Stage

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Serguei Ivanov of Russia sprinted to a decisive victory in Stage 14 of the Tour de France on a day when a spectator was fatally struck by a police motorcycle.

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Nancy Tilghman: Italian Textile Royalty: Milano Unica

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Okay I caught a glimpse of him this week–while he was in New York–the King of Cashmere – Pier Luigi Loro Piana strutting comfortably in his double breasted cerulean linen suit–it even has a name “Carta de Zucchero” a shade of blue once used to wrap Italian sugar. Wrapped in his sugar blue, the heir to the 600 million dollar plus a year company told me he is here in New York, his second home, to preside as president over Milano Unica, the International Textile Fair organized in Italy. The giant conference was held at the Mandarin Oriental. The host, Aniello Mussella, Executive Director of the Italian Trade Commission in New York reunited the most creative minds in the fashion industry. Why? They all came to hear trend expert Angelo Uslenghi’s “Directions” and guidelines for the fall/winter season of 2010/11. Imagine the heads of the most famous fashion houses petting, eyeing literally breathing in different fabrics– to decide which shade of gray, which blend of wool will inspire designers in the next two years to come.
The textiles were inspired by themes like “open air”, “open mind”, “rush hour” and “happy hour”–they seem to refer more to the body within the fabric than the blend itself.
Angelo said there is a new “hybridization” among textiles: flashy, shiny and synthetic fibers are out. Calm, natural and a return to realism are in. The president agrees. He speaks of the “social moment” with a glint in his eyes, as if to acknowledge the Great Recession. One of the solutions, he says is to produce and accentuate more than ever the use of vegetable and animal fiber blends.
Did someone say animal?
Loro Piana was the one who saved the endangered Vicuna from extinction in Peru to produce blankets, sweaters and pieces that only the R.A.F. can afford. (Rich and Famous.) He used black sheep in New Zealand to design a line named “Pecora Nera”–no one can copy, and orchestrated the use of the Chinese Mongolian Hyrcus baby goat at 3 months old in order to make the world’s best baby wool–
Milano Unica will not only be a textile fair. It will also present, for the first time ON STAGE– an unveiling of ten emerging fashion talents from around the world. Alexis Mabille from France, and Thomas Engel Hart from the US–to name a few. Enlightened by a morning spent with the Italian textile gurus, I ask the wool meister, Pier Luigi Loro Piana, what he knows about food? He says he loves the American menus. But “where do you eat the most in New York” I ask. “Cipriani,” he answers. Figures.
He only likes the best.

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2 Tour riders hurt in suspected air-rifle shooting

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COLMAR, France — Two Tour de France cyclists were slightly injured Friday in what their teams suspect was an air-rifle shooting.

New Zealand’s Julian Dean and Spain’s Oscar Freire, a three-time former world champion, were struck while riding in northeast France during the 13th stage.

Dean’s right index finger was injured. Freire’s team said he was hit in the thigh with a projectile that was removed. Both were expected to ride Saturday.

It was not immediately certain what weapon was used. But both teams – Dean’s Garmin Slipstream and Freire’s Rabobank – believe it was an air rifle.

“He (Dean) was very lucky,” Garmin spokeswoman Marya Pongrace said by telephone. “He is a little shaken up.”

Rabobank said in a statement the doctor told the team the injury to Freire “will not bother him too much.”

Police were investigating, and Dean was to be interviewed at his hotel in Colmar later Friday. Rabobank said it intended to file a complaint.

The riders were hit during the descent of the demanding Col du Platzerwasel, about 22 miles from the finish of the stage between Vittel and Colmar, Rabobank said.


Associated Press Writer Greg Keller contributed to this report.

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Karen Robinovitz: Color Me Pretty!

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Before I go into anything, I first have to admit: I have been remissed in posting. I am sorry.

My life is kind of insane. I have been writing about the making of the brand but I’m going back months and months to catch you up on where we are now. At this moment, I’m in the midst of a major deal with potential investors (this close – holding fingers a centimeter apart) and don’t want to jinx it so no details… we’re running out of funds… we’re manufacturing for a ton of reorders (thankfully but you have to lay out serious cash before we get it back!)… marketing and PR is ON… I have five interns, working from my apartment (on the floor, a bridge table in my living room, two in my kitchen (my poor husband is losing it – no quiet and he is the man behind the operations of this gig). I can go on but I will throw up, it’s so much.

Meanwhile, we just launched a fabulous contest online – it’s called Kiss and Tell Your Huge Lips Skinny Hips I.D.!

Here’s the deal – upload a photo of yourself and choose the color that represents your style. You can vote, review, and share. We’re going to choose the ultimate grand prize from the top 250. She’ll get a sexy trip for two to NYC and a personal tour of my inspirations for the shades of Huge Lips Skinny Hips! (You’ll see that below!).

But there will be burlesque with the famous Veronica Varlow – totally hot performer who has danced for Sir Elton John, Marc Jacobs, Heidi Klum!

This is her, below!


Oh, there may be some shopping for Kate Moss pieces at Top Shop… perhaps a little private pole dancing at S-Factor. You’ll shack up at the chic Smyth Hotel in Tribeca. We’ll dine over Lychee Martinis at my favorite spots.

The Most Viral winner will become a Purple Lab brand ambassador and get our products before anyone else for a year. And there is more.

Check it out!


Now, back to where I left off…

We had the packaging look and feel down. I was happy as can be. The mock-up of the component came back from China. C’est parfait! There is nothing quite like the feeling of accomplishment of seeing your vision come to life.

I now needed to figure out the colors of the six-shade gloss line.

I polled my makeup artist friends – I am blessed with having a few fabulous ones! I asked them what colors they would bring to someone’s house if they had no idea what that person looked like or what color their skin tone was. They unanimously came up with the same replies: a light pink or nude, a rich pink, a red, a peach, a color, and clear.

Now, some labs have specific color departments where their sole mission is to create a variety of hues. Mine didn’t. So I did my colors the old fashion way – I spent about $800 at Sephora, buying every key shade I could find. I got empty pots and mixing sticks, rolled up my sleeves, and went to town on my coffee table.

A few hours later, both arms were covered in what appeared to be Indian paint. There was gloss all over the cowhide rug (oops!). My lips were raw from applying and rubbing off and applying and rubbing off and applying… you get the point. But I had six ultra chic, universally-flattering, sheer shades in front of me that I was dying over!

Then the really fun part – naming them! It was like giving birth to six babies at once (call me Angie!). Their monikers came easily – as if they named themselves.

Nude-ish pink was Kitty Poledancer, inspired by my favorite form of exercise. I have been taking pole classes at S-Factor, pole dancing playground where Kate Hudson, Teri Hatcher, Gisele, and Mel B. play. In the studios, large, open mirrorless rooms, lit by LED candles, with multiple poles, no men are allowed.

Meow! The perfect nude-ish pink. Sheer perfection!


At S-Factor, the music is always hot. And the teachers encourage you to get in touch with your femininity and sensuality, a part of ourselves society tends to push down. What I love about S-Factor is not necessarily what it has done for my body, but what it has done for my mind.

The girls in class tend to wear little boy shorts. Little and shorts? NOT in my vocabulary! Every week, I attempted to wear them but the minute I saw myself in the mirror – stretch marks, big thighs and all – they came off my body and on went the yoga pants. Now, there were plenty of plus-sized women in class – and for some reason, they seemed to wear the shorts just fine. In fact, they looked absolutely stunning and confident, writhing on the floor, slinking up to the pole, spinning around like delicate ballerinas. Why were they so comfortable in their skin when I couldn’t be?

I felt envy. I wanted to wear shorts and look curvy and beautiful, too. The problem was that I was in my head, not in my body. One day, we were learning to climb. You need skin on the pole to do so or you’ll slip. It was shorts and climb or never get passed level 2! I ran to the lobby to buy the shorts and chose to not change in the bathroom lest I get deterred by an evil mirror. Although it took me about ten minutes to loosen up – and get it through my thick head that no one in the room was looking at me and thinking, “ugh, she is gross!” – the minute some Nine Inch Nails (Download some seriously sexy tracks now!) blasted, I unleashed the poledancer within.

Kitty Poledancer! C’est moi! I find that gate fishnets and lucite stripper shoes make for a great poledancing experience! I was climbing – and loving it. I didn’t care about my legs or my stretch marks or my hips or my bum. I was in the music and in my body. I came home that night with a new energy. “I’m so hot,” I told my husband (you don’t know me but I would NEVER have said that before!). I put on my Lucite heels (gotta love ‘em – they light up when I walk!) and the boy shorts and showed him some moves (sans pole). He was like “Who are you and whatever you’ve done with my wife, don’t bring her back. I like this version of Karen better!”

That was the beauty of S-Factor! I felt liberated and empowered. When I walk down the street and see an awning, held up by two poles, I am known to throw a trick or two. One of my favorite “gay husbands” – you know, the gay friends you live for? – gave me the nickname Kitty Poledancer. And so I hoped that this color would give that sense of sexiness and self confidence to those who brushed it on their lips.

The rich pink had a hint of glitter and a warm mauve-ish hue. Sophisticated yet cool. Kind of like Kate Moss, whose style I love so much that I have a collage of tear sheets where I put my makeup on every day. When I think of what to wear, I look at her for inspiration. The steel sequence gown and cascade of curls for her “Beautiful and the Damned” themed 30th birthday party. Her micro shorts and Hunter boots and McQueen motorcycle jacket for outdoor concerts. The leopard vintage jacket, worn with everything and anything. Lingerie-inspired Dior couture with bedroom hair. No one wears clothes like Miss Kate. Hence, the name Worship Kate. May we all have her wardrobe!


Worship Kate, a chic, rich, sophisticated pink with a hint of mauve-ish glitter. Exactly what I can see my favorite supermodel wearing on her lips!

Sexy, sultry, daring red. When I looked at the red I had created, it immediately reminded me of my favorite place in the world to see red… at the bottom of Christian Louboutin shoes! There is nothing quite like the power of wearing them – when the sidewalk becomes the catwalk. Every girl needs glittery double platform peep-toe slingbacks with five-inch heels. I pray at that cute French man’s altar and developed this shade, Red Sole, in his honor.


Red Sole pays homage to Christian Louboutin – this shade matches the signature red on the bottom of his shoes. J’adore!

The peachy tone is oh so barely there. It is sweet perfection at its finest and juicy and delicious, sort of like my favorite cocktail, Lychee Martini. The best recipe below:

2 parts U’Luvka Vodka (Have you seen this bottle? The packaging is killer!)

1 part Lychee juice (I can’t say I make my own fruit. I just pour it from the jar of fruit)

A drop of agave to taste (Always good to sweeten the pot)

Two plump Lychee fruits


Serve in ice cold martini glass

Apply lipgloss to lips before sipping!


This is Lychee Martini. Sweet, smooth, delish, like the cocktail.

Now… the coral hue… tres exotic. And when I think of exotic, I automatically think of a beautiful beach, maybe St. Tropez. When I think of a beautiful beach in France, I think of frolicking in a bikini, uninhibited, not an ounce of body obsessed women. And when I think of wearing these free, liberated women, I tend to get suicidal. I’m so not that way about my thighs! So in the name of turning all of that bad, self deprecating energy into something positive, I called this gloss Love Your Thighs. All of that time wasted on beating ourselves up for the size of our legs could actually be spent doing something good for the world… with fab lips, of course.


Sexy, exotic coral – and how you’ll feel when you love your thighs!

Lastly, there was clear, the perfect addition to any lipstick or when you just want supple but bare lips. Instead of just naming it “Clear,” I wanted something playful and funny. The thing that came to mind immediately: No Panty Lines. That’s clear, right?

It’s clear – the way your bum should look in pants, sans panty lines! Colors were named! No need to show you clear – just imagine glossy clear perfection, perfect for running errands when you want a little umph or over any other gloss or lipstick.

I then penned a little story to communicate the inspiration behind each shade and decided that the glosses should come with a “love letter” from me, their mother. Nothing like sharing the glamour. You can read all of the stories on our website!

The next step, once you have the colors you want, is to send them to the lab. They will then do the “color matching,” where they send you a submission of their rendition of the colors you desire. It costs a few hundred dollars per color matching – at least that is what it costed us. The lab LOVED our color names. “You’re crazy,” they said when they read Kitty Poledancer, “I don’t believe it.”

“Believe it,” I said, sending them a jpeg of me on the pole, which I see as an art form, more Cirque du Soleil than Scores (for the non-NYers, Scores was a strip club that went out of business due to illicit behavior in the champagne room with some famous athletes… and I’m sure other reasons that weren’t publicized in the news).

I think, in that moment, I became their favorite customer!

It took about three weeks to get the colors back and when I did, it was 100% dead-on. They nailed it. A painless process, thankfully. I was smitten and I signed off on the match.

I was getting ready to pucker up. Little did I know what was ahead…

More to come!



Purple Lab Creatrix

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