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Steele abruptly cancels ABC interview

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Uh-oh…is RNC Chairman Michael Steele’s head about to roll? CQ Politics:

Under fire from top donors and Congressional Republicans, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele Friday abruptly cancelled a scheduled noon interview with ABC News — the network that has played host to some of Steele more controversial statements.

Steele had been scheduled for an appearance on “Top Line” with Rick Klein, but after confirming his noon appearance at 11:15 with Klein, Steele suddenly backed out 15 minutes later, according to Klein’s Twitter feed.

According to Klein’s tweets, Steele initially blamed his cancellation on a mysteriousemergency meeting.” Next, sources told Klein there was not only no emergency meeting, there was no meeting at all. Then, the story changed again, with aides claiming that there was a meeting scheduled, but it wasn’t an emergency. Hmmm, sounds fishy.

Who knows what is going on, but just in case this is our last chance to weigh in on the matter, it’s time for our first ever official leadership poll on Michael Steele.

Let your voice be heard!

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