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MA-Sen: Seriously, Enough with the Complacency

January 9th, 2010, 04:01 am admin Leave a comment Go to comments

What have I been saying the last couple of days?

That complacency is the main danger Democrats face in Massachusetts right now.

PPP is polling Massachusetts right now, and, finding that there’s a “massive enthusiasm gap” and that Republican Scott Brown has very high favorables, here’s their conclusion:

This has become a losable race for Democrats- but it could also be easily winnable if Coakley gets her act together for the last week of the campaign. Complacency is the Democrats’ biggest enemy at this point and something that needs to be overcome to avoid a potential disaster.

If you live in or near Massachusetts, it can’t hurt to volunteer. There are phone banks going all day tomorrow in Watertown and Charlestown, and next weekend is a three-day weekend. If she wins big, your effort won’t have been necessary. But what would you prefer: regretting an unnecessary effort, or watching a Republican win and knowing you didn’t do what you could to prevent it?

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