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Republicans just want to be terrified

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Ben Smith:

King: Use word ‘terrorism’ more

New York Rep. Peter King, a leading Republican critic of the White House on terror policy, offered a piece of advice on Good Morning America today: Obama should speak the word “terrorism” more.

“You are saying someone should be held accountable. Name one other specific recommendation the president could implement right now to fix this,” host George Stephanopolous said to King.

“I think one main thing would be to — just himself to use the word terrorism more often,” said King, the ranking Republican on the Homeland Security Committee.

That’s right…the GOP’s #1 security guy in the House thinks President Obama’s biggest failing is that he just doesn’t say the word terrorism enough.

Well, if Mr. King is so darn eager to be super-terrified then why hasn’t he been listening to what the President and the Administration have actually been saying?

For example:

  1. 70 examples of remarks by the President mentioning terror or its derivatives.
  1. 83 statements or releases.
  1. And 64 press briefings.

So why doesn’t King know this? Maybe it’s because he’s off cowering in the corner somewhere. Or maybe he’s just a Dick Cheneyish liar.

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