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NRCC’s Andy Seré & his totally not-gay but ambiguously shirtless “friends”

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Whenever my friends and I want to get together and talk about totally nailin’ chicks and stuff, I suggest we take our shirts off, and maybe even shave our chests.

Is that weird?

The NRCC’s Andy Seré doesn’t think so. Americablog’s John Aravosis explains:

The National Republican Campaign Committee has a child running their press outreach, and apparently the GOP frat boy thinks it’s funny to insinuate that Democrats are gay, simply based on innuendo (which is ironic, when you see his photo). You see, the NRCC spokesman informs us, repeatedly, that the candidate in question cares about “his body image.” And we all know what it means when a guy cares about his body image.

In unrelated news, it must have been one hell of a party that same NRCC spokesman, Andy Seré, attended last May, according to his Facebook page. The Fete was called the “GOB Freedom Festival.” It caught my eye since “gob,” among other things, is gay slang for oral sex, and for young gay sailors (and, an even odder coincidence, the party was for a military friend coming back to the states). It gets even odder when you look at the photos from the GOB “festival” that I found on Facebook. (The NRCC chap is listed on the GOB page guest list as having attended.) The photos are below. Now, I’m not going to comment on the body image of Mr. Seré’s friends, but let’s just say that Manhunt may get a run for their money.

Man, that’s wacky!

See what you think. Here’s young Mr. Seré’s Facebook page:

Lookin’ totally hetero, right? Well, let’s say he’s not necessarily tripping anyone’s radar. Some people think they’re better at detecting subtleties of sway than others, of course. And Andy’s no exception!

Here’s how Andy and his… friends… roll “after hours,” as they say. Anyone for a shrimp cocktail? How about a shave down and an apron?

And just so no one gets the wrong idea about them hanging out semi-nude together for the weekend, here’s proof that they’re totally not gay (Not! Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!) — a shot of them cradling their “guns” and displaying their hardest Zoolander “Blue Steel”:

I sure hope none of the totally not-gay Andy Seré’s friends don’t have any problem with his photographing their shaven-chested bodies and sharing his “personal collection” with the world. I don’t know why they would, though. There’s no shame in such manly “pride.”

But I guess that’s not working for Andy, because apparently he’s had some of his buddies go to the press to talk about how much he likes bangin’ the ladies, and just how often the females of DC (watch out Mom & Dad America!) like to give it up for Andy’s totally not-gay penis. Which is just what most people would do, of course. And is totally not gay.

That’s not gay, right? Seriously. It’s not, right? Sweet. Thanks, dude. You want a non-gay rub down? No? OK, we’re cool, though, right?

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