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Hoekstra’s Defense: "uhhhhh, is, uhhhh, ya know …"

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After yesterday’s news of this embarrassing screw-up:

Someone other than Congressman and gubernatorial candidate Pete Hoekstra appears to have purchased the URL petehoekstra.com and the results aren’t exactly promising for the Michigan Republican.

… the site’s authors lash out at the lawmaker for fundraising off the bungled airline bombing that took place on Christmas Day. They also take glee in reminding Hoekstra that he failed to register the website they now run.

… Hoekstra defended the pesky little oversight:

We went out and registered a number of campaign sites. To believe that we could go out and register ever every potential campaign site that might in some way be affiliated or pop up when someone typed in my name, uhhhhh, is, uhhhh, ya know, what people do in this new Internet world.

Uhhhhh, uhhhhh, it was petehoekstra.com, for crying out loud.

So, if some (misguided) voter is looking for information on Hoekstra, they could potentially decide that petehoekstra might in some way be affiliated with Pete Hoekstra, type it in and here’s what will pop up:  



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