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The Face of a Teabagger

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Here’s one teabagger who came up for air long enough to have his picture taken at a tea party last year:


But that’s not just your typical, nameless, racist teabagger, that’s the face of Dale Robertson, the head of teaparty.org., and the man who is devoted to “developing strategy to bring the Republic back under the control of ‘We The People.’”

We the people presumably being white — and probably male.

And this is the perfect place to note Michele Bachmann’s (R-MN) most recent pander to the teabaggers:

Well, it’s embrace the tea party movement with full arms and hold as many open forums as they possibly can to bring people in and listen to them because the leadership right now is truly coming from the tea party movement  … there’s no question that the heartbeat of the tea party movement would be more in line with the mission state of the Republican party certainly than that of the Democrat party. So if the Republican Party is wise, they will allow themselves to be re-defined by the tea party movement. And I hope that that will be the case.

Some might suggest that ship has already sailed.

For more discussion, see Steaming Pile’s diary.

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