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MI-Gov: Pete Hoekstra misses his 3:00 a.m. call

January 5th, 2010, 04:01 am admin Leave a comment Go to comments

Now this is embarrassing:

Someone other than Congressman and gubernatorial candidate Pete Hoekstra appears to have purchased the URL petehoekstra.com and the results aren’t exactly promising for the Michigan Republican.

Hoekstra, who stakes a large chunk of his political reputation on a hawkish and elevated understanding of foreign policy and national security matters, is pilloried at the eponymous website over his handling of these very topics. In particular, the site’s authors lash out at the lawmaker for fundraising off the bungled airline bombing that took place on Christmas Day. They also take glee in reminding Hoekstra that he failed to register the website they now run.

This barely a week after Hoekstra’s blatant attempt to cash in on terrorism? The joker can’t even protect his own name and he expects the people of Michigan to trust him to protect them from radical jihadists?

Update: Having given this a little more thought, I realize that perhaps it’s not fair to judge Hoekstra so harshly. After all, what do we really know about the man? I would urge everyone to visit his website and learn all about this self-described “leader on National Security and at the forefront of the war on terror.”

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