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Late Afternoon/Early Evening Open Thread

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What you missed on Sunday Kos ….

  • The recent health care debate has led the traditional media to fixate on the meme of “Democrats Divided”. Steve Singiser thinks that the divide on the other side of the partisan coin is deeper, and may well have bigger implications for the 2010 elections.
  • DemFromCT looks back at health, health reform, and public health stories for the year. What did we see coming in 2008? What didn’t we? And what can we see for 2010?
  • We may never know what to call them, but that doesn’t mean we should forget them — no matter how great the temptation.  Devilstower says Remember the Naughts.
  • With 2009 now in the rearview mirror, Steve Singiser reviewed the year in voter sentiment, using our own Daily Kos State of the Nation Tracking Poll.
  • David Waldman looked at the Senate’s end-of-session executive calendar maneuvering.

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