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Midday Open Thread

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  • A mini-boomlet this weekend of stories about Democratic allegations of political bias by one of the most prolific pollsters in the game: Rasmussen Reports, a case that was made by Greg Sargent and here at Daily Kos back in August. Scott Rasmussen, shockingly, denies it. Nate Silver says that there is more than one way in which a pollster can be biased, and that Rasmussen is hard to defend on a couple of those criteria.
  • Ben and Josh over at Politico raise an issue that is often going unnoticed in all the talk of a GOP resurgence in 2010: the party might lack the resources (read: moolah) necessary to make big gains in this election cycle. It had already been a problem for the GOP (as Kos noted back in November). The bigger issue for the GOP? It is a situation that has not improved.
  • Speaking of underreported 2010 campaign memes, check out this quote from GOP big-time player and Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour:

    “People are crazy if they think we win by getting more pure. We win by getting big.”

    Anyone who thinks the GOP-Teabagger schism will not play a huge role in the 2010 cycle is insane.

  • Ha! Ha! Ha! From the sounds of it, expect California GOP standard-bearer Meg Whitman to be a prime candidate for a teabagger insurgency in 2010. The biggest complaint about her campaign, according to GOP insiders? Insufficient fealty to conservatism.
  • If you are a fan of political fisticuffs, the preferred destination for the early part of the cycle may well be the state of Texas. While most of the attention is being focused on the GOP side and the “Clash of the Titans” between Governor Rick Perry and Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, Texas insiders also say to watch the Democratic Primary between former Houston Mayor Bill White and multimillionaire self-funder Farouk Shami. Some are comparing that race to the legendary Richards-Mattox brawl for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination in 1990.
  • Out of curiosity, what type of outcry do you think would have erupted back in the shoe-bomber days if a Democratic politico said that the shoe bomber “did us a favor” by attempting to attack?
  • A question that every journalist should be prepared to ask Peter Hoekstra, Peter King, and the rest of the GOP terror bloviators: how is it possible for the outgoing president (Bill Clinton) to have been responsible for one early-term terror incident, but for the incoming president (Barack Obama) to have been responsible for the other early-term terror incident?

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