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Your Abbreviated Pundit Round-up

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Happy New Year! If I had a nickel for every Republican columnist who uses “Heck of a job, Brownie” without realizing how damning that is for the last Republican administration and how it undermines a column’s worth of invective, I’d be a rich man.

Ellen Goodman:

There is something fitting about publishing my last column on the first day of a new year. January, after all, is named for the Roman god of beginnings and endings. He looked backward and forward at the same time. So, this morning, do I.

I wish I could find the right language to describe this rite of passage. Retirement, that swoon of a word, just won’t do. The Spanish translation, jubilación, is a bit over the top for my own mix of feelings.

Honor of placement at the top. Fare well, Ellen.

Paul Krugman:

It’s the season when pundits traditionally make predictions about the year ahead. Mine concerns international economics: I predict that 2010 will be the year of China. And not in a good way.

Don’t piss off our creditors, Paul. They might ask for the check.

Denis Dutton:

The Y2K catastrophe was promoted with increasing shrillness toward century’s end: headlines proclaimed a “computer time bomb” or “a date with disaster.” Vanity Fair’s January 1999 article “The Y2K Nightmare” caught the sensationalist tone, claiming that “folly, greed and denial” had “muffled two decades of warnings from technology experts.”

Wiseguys that don’t lift a finger to help nontheless benefit when others work to fix the problem. The Ant And The Grasshopper would be a more instructive fable to read than this.

Steve Case:

Now, this nation does a pretty good (albeit, costly) job of getting people well when they get sick. But we’re missing the larger question: What can we do to keep people from getting sick in the first place? The area that requires the greatest focus relates to chronic diseases.

Don’t smoke, and wear a helmet on a motorcycle. If you want to argue about that, don’t argue about health care costs.

LA Times:

Some of the Democrats’ most prominent figures, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada and Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher J. Dodd of Connecticut, are in serious danger as they seek reelection. Both would probably lose if elections were held today.

“It all adds up to a pretty bad year for the party in power,” said Jennifer Duffy, an analyst with the nonpartisan Cook Political Report. “How bad? I’m not sure we know yet.”

However, for all Republicans stand to gain, the party still has problems. Polls show that many voters, though unhappy with Democrats, are even less enamored of the GOP.

The Sophie’s Choice election? All elections are like that.

Charles Krauthammer: Well, it’s 2010. Did Obama fix everything yet? C’mon, he’s had all morning. And you owe me a nickel.

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