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Midday Open Thread

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  • The United States continues to win hearts and minds in Iraq:

    Iraqis on Friday greeted news that criminal charges in the United States had been dismissed against Blackwater Worldwide security guards who opened fire on unarmed Iraqi civilians in 2007 with disbelief, anger and bitter resignation.  [...]

    Many Iraqis also viewed the prosecution of the guards as a test case of American democratic principles, which have not been wholeheartedly embraced, and in particular of the fairness of the American judicial system.

  • The Washington Independent lists the top 10 conservatives that they think will “shape America’s political landscape in 2010″ — basically, it’s nutcases on parade.
  • Labor Secretary Hilda Solis is taking her job seriously:

    Less than a year into her tenure, that figurative badge of authority is unmistakable. Her aggressive moves to boost enforcement and crack down on businesses that violate workplace safety rules have sent employers scrambling to make sure they are following the rules.  [...]

    The changes are a departure from the policies of Solis’ predecessor, Elaine Chao. They follow through on President Barack Obama’s campaign promise to boost funding for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, increase enforcement and safeguard workers in dangerous industries.

  • Events in Iran seem to be on a seriously downward spiral.
  • News out of Montana that doesn’t include the words “Max” or “Baucus”:

    The Montana Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that state law protects doctors in Montana from prosecution for helping terminally ill patients die. But the court, ruling with a narrow majority, sidestepped the larger landmark question of whether physician-assisted suicide is a right guaranteed under the state’s Constitution.

    The 4-to-3 decision, in a case closely watched around the nation by physicians and advocates for the disabled and terminally ill, was a victory for the so-called death-with-dignity movement. But it fell short of the sweeping declaration advocates had hoped for.

  • The right-wing extremist group, Focus on the Family, plans to spend $4 million on Super Bowl ads. That would be as opposed to helping the sick or hungry.
  • An unhappy new year for Charlie Crist (R-FL)?

    Charlie Crist’s final year as governor begins like no other: with perilous poll numbers, his optimism worn thin and his shell of political Teflon deeply scratched.

  • Today’s gift to humanity from Americablog — hangover cures.
  • What an embarrassment Ann Coulter must be to her family.

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