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TWI’s Spencer Ackerman makes fool of Pat Buchanan

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Okay, let’s be fair. The headline here might be overstating things, because Pat Buchanan makes a fool of himself on a daily basis. But still, Spencer Ackerman got way the better of him today on Morning Joe during a discussion on how authorities should handle the failed Christmas Day attacker.

A basic approximation of the arguments went like this:

BUCHANAN: They should have strapped him to the tip of a nuclear-armed missile pointed straight at Yemen, launched the rocket, and tortured him in flight to find out all his secrets, or at least so we can feel good about the size of our collective wang.

ACKERMAN (laughing to himself): Okay, well, we should treat him like the criminal he is and put him before our legal justice system. And you know what else? It turns out that following the law works, because legal interrogations are already yielding valuable intelligence.

Keep in mind that the above “transcript” is a fictionalized rendition of what actually transpired. But it’s really not that far off the mark.

Enjoy the pwnage:

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