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Late afternoon/early evening open thread

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What you missed on Sunday Kos ….

  • In More detail on what’s next for health insurance reform, David Waldman walked readers through the complicated process ahead in merging the two versions of the health care bills, and outlined the easy way and the hard way to go to conference in the Senate. Another must-bookmark reference post to have on hand when legislators begin to get down to business next year.
  • In Crossing the Aisle, Steve Singiser reflected on the history of party-switching in light of Parker Griffith’s jump to the GOP last week, and pointed out how Griffth’s defection is not in line with precedent in previous cases of changing teams.
  • In Exits, 2009, Devilstower bid farewell to those who died in the past year, from actors and sports stars to novelists and porn stars, in a masterful wrap-up that could serve as a primer to current pop and historical culture.
  • In Blast from the Past. Gene Hasenfus: December 1986, Meteor Blades took readers on a journey back through the twists and turns of CIA plots and Reagan administration involvement in Central America, with a focus on the one man who told the truth and paid the price.
  • In Germs, Viruses, and Secrets: How The Obama Administration is Addressing Biological Threats, Plutonium Page discussed the legacy of the biological weapons programs that were active in the U.S. and the Soviet Union during the Cold War — and what those programs mean to the world today.
  • In Romance Reader, Unashamed, Laura Clawson confessed to being a fan of the romance genre, and went about knocking down stereotypes about both the readers and the content of the novels.

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