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Alyssa Jung: Bills vs Falcons…A Blowout is an Understatement

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So, Sunday’s game against Atlanta was fun…it was a beautiful spectacle of athleticism…it was borderline amazing…not! It was atrocious…it was embarrassing…it was confusing…it was disheartening…but it was also life as a Bills fan, so I’m fine and I’m over it. I bet you guys never thought I would be able to hold on to my “new and improved positive outlook on the season” when I first debuted it a few weeks back…but clearly I have and I think I’ll give myself a pat on the back right about now. Now, let’s rip through this game recap (31-3) quicker than Marshawn Lynch can lose yardage…oops I mean…ehh, I can’t think of anything quirky, fill it in yourself!

We opened the game as can be expected…three and out. Then Matt Ryan threw a 42-yard TD to Roddy White on a 1st and 10 to give the Falcons an early 7-0 lead. Shouldn’t really have been anything to worry about but, ya know, sh*t happens and we just couldn’t manage to rebound for a variety of reasons:

-Our run game was uncharacteristically stifled. Like shut down, nothing there at all. Freddy J only had 37 yards and Marshawn Lynch had 3. Freddy J even had a fumble returned for a TD, which I don’t think I’ve seen from him all season.

-We had horrendous field position after just about every kickoff. I know exactly why and I’ve addressed this before, but by now we’ve come to realize that people rarely listen to me: Roscoe Parrish was returning and while he may have been good other seasons, he’s not good this season and that is why we rarely started above our own 20 yard line.

-Brian Brohm seemed to try his best–getting 146 yards passing–but he couldn’t complete anything longer than 15 yards and it’s the big plays (or at least attempts at big plays) that we need to get momentum going.

-Our D didn’t get ANY takeaways…I think this might be a first too…or at the very least, extremely unlike them. Aaron Schobel had three sacks and had two forced fumbles, but we didn’t recover any of them. Heard rumors today that Schobel was talking retirement…he better not!

-Finally settled for a FG by the time we were down 24-0. Some people are criticizing Perry for that call and calling him Jauron-like. Yeah, that was a Jauron move but I agree with his decision…I’d much rather see us lose 31-3 than 31-0…call me dumb but it just looks slightly less pathetic.

Hard loss but we’ve got one game left, I’ll be there, and I’m psyched.


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