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Open Thread and Diary Rescue

December 27th, 2009, 10:12 am admin Leave a comment Go to comments

This evening’s Rescue Rangers are shayera, blank frank, HoosierDeb, Got a Grip, sunspark says, and vcmvo2, with watercarrier4diogenes wandering around, stunned by the vistas of Pandora, expected to rassle this beast into submission…

Tonight’s diaries cover a variety of interesting issues not covered by the ‘traditional media’(™Kos) and definitely not with the same ignorance that the Broders of that ‘village’ called DC are known for.

jotter has High Impact Diaries: December 25, 2009 plus a ‘one year ago today’ treat.

carolita has Top Comments 12-26-09 – Scam Potpourri Edition.

Enjoy and please promote your own favorite diaries in this open thread (even if you’re the author! Here’s where that’s actually appreciated). And, of course, since it’s an open thread, PLAY NICE, OK? 8^)

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