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Late afternoon/early evening open thread

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Coming up on Sunday Kos ….

  • In 2001, in an act of biological terrorism, seven letters laced with anthrax spores resulted in ten deaths and millions of dollars spent on clean-up efforts. Eight years later, how is America doing in its efforts to counter biological threats? How far have we come, and are we going in the right direction? Via an interview with biological and chemical weapons expert Dr. Jonathan Tucker, Plutonium Page will address these questions, and more.
  • In a Blast from the Past, Meteor Blades will look back at somebody who didn’t become an American hero for his role in the Iran-contra scandal: Eugene Hasenfus.
  • Devilstower will look at Exits, 2009 as we say goodbye to one cool prisoner, a cantankerous clamshell,  a friendly demon, a Japanese panther, America’s favorite sidekick, and a lion who roared for us all.
  • Bodice rippers, rape fantasies for women in pink sweatsuits, supermarket trash. Or genre fiction that takes an extra heap of crap because  audience is overwhelmingly women? Laura Clawson, who is not ashamed to read romance novels, says the latter.
  • Right-wing bloggers were over the moon at Jim DeMint’s objection to the Senate’s appointment of conferees on the health insurance reform bill, convinced it’d put a major crimp in plans to finalize the bill and get it to the President’s desk. Will it? No, says David Waldman. Why? Well, come find out.
  • With a closer examination of the recent history of party switching in the United States Congress, Steve Singiser is now really wondering what the hell nouveau Republican Parker Griffith was thinking.

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