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Open Thread and Diary Rescue

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Tonight’s 2009 Christmas Diary Rescue was brought to you mtperson, claude, Louisiana 1976, grog, YatPundit, and vcvmo2.  dadanation was of course late to the party and only there to eat the dessert while pretending to edit.

Rescued (Diaries)

Extras (Usual)

jotter has yesterday’s High Impact Diaries: December 24, 2009.

BeninSC has tonight’s Top Comments – Soft Spots.

Closing (Paragraph)

Please use this as an Open Thread as well as your chance to promote your favorite diaries of the day. Respectful engagement is most welcome here. Please keep in mind that each Diary Rescue’s daily purview extends from 3pm PST yesterday to 3pm PST today. Shamelessly self-promote or pimp for a friend in this Open Thread!

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