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Walking in a Winter Wonderland

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There’s certainly plenty of snow and ice to go around this time of year. Maybe enough to provide a White Christmas depending on where you are. According to Wikipedia, the odds of a White Christmas in Fairbanks, Alaska are listed as 100 % and you can bet many Canadian Kossacks face a similar proposition. After a long night, Santa just finished delivering gifts in the least likely US city to see snow glistening, sunny Honolulu, where the chances of a vacationing first family seeing snowfall are about nil. Similar data exists for large parts of southern Alabama, South Carolina, most of Florida, and a number of readers signing in today from south of the US border — but don’t feel sorry for us! We like it warm, and you probably don’t want to see us try and negotiate icy roads anyway.

As you might expect, LA and Phoenix come in way low but still manage to score 1% each, and they’re tied with some other large cities that aren’t as obvious, like San Francisco, Portland, Oregon, or Charlotte, North Carolina. Further north, chances of a snowman being built by bloggers today in small towns across the great state of Idaho, rugged Utah, the sweet rolling plains of Iowa and all around the lower Great Lakes in Michigan and Illinois clock in at roughly 50/50 or better, edging toward 100% in some parts of Montana, Minnesota, and the Dakotas.

Progressives in Kansas and Missouri might hear sleigh bells ring every fourth or fifth Christmas on average, but elevation and proximity to the coast makes a huge difference. The meadows of Spokane, Washington, will have a snowy Christmas 70 percent of the time. But Seattle residents 200 miles to the west and 1500 feet lower have less than a one in ten chance of seeing the white stuff today. Over on the east coast, Bill in Portland Maine faces a big whopping 83% chance of having to break out the snow shovel, dropping to just over 50/50 for our friends at My Left Nutmeg; the latter is still five times higher than residents near the Big Apple and roughly the same for our many hard working regs hunkering down in Philadelphia or the DC region.

Little Rock and Oklahoma City strangely chime in at only 3% each, oddly similar to New Orleans, while Dallas-Fort Worth clocks about 8% — depending of course on the fleeting definition of a White Christmas. But the odds drop back off fast toward more southerly San Antonio. In fact, there has never been an official White Christmas for the writers of the Burnt Orange Report in Austin, although chestnuts have been known to roast over the coals in the Lone Star State, especially in the vast colder western areas and out toward New Mexico.

Snow or no snow, it’s pretty damn cold in large sections of the US today! But for those of us lucky enough to bask in the warmth of friends and family, it’s sure dreamy by the fireplace, even tempered with the thought of those having a tough time at the end of a tough year, or who couldn’t make it home. From all of us for all of you, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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