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Sargent’s Top Five Online Stories of the Year

December 25th, 2009, 11:12 pm admin Leave a comment Go to comments

Greg Sargent picks his top five stories that “showcased the world of online journalism at its finest.”

  1. The release of the torture documents and Cheney’s response
  1. The heath care town hall wars of August
  1. The “birther” controversy
  1. The campaign to force a public option into the health care reform proposal
  1. The war on the left over whether to kill the Senate bill

The video makes the case for the importance of these stories and why they revealed online journalism at its best. My conclusion:

For all its flaws, the world of online journalism proved conclusively that it was able to make a transition from covering a campaign to covering government and covering policy. And if there’s one thing that’s clear about the online journalism world’s performance in 2009, it’s that they have no intention whatsoever of functioning merely as a partisan strike force on Obama’s behalf.

Here’s the video.

It’s a big tent, but someone’s got to make sure that the left tentpoles are holding firm.

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