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Polling and Political Wrap-Up, 12/24/09

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The Wrap puts aside gift-wrapping and toy-assembling long enough to put together a Christmas Eve edition. There is but one new poll to report (and don’t expect any through the weekend, either), although there actually are a handful of campaign stories to report.

CT-Sen: America Not Feeling Lieberman As Kingmaker
Connecticut “Independent Democrat” Joe Lieberman was one of the biggest names in the recent health care debate, and he clearly delighted in his role as kingmaker. But did his machinations actually hurt his standing with the American people? According to new national numbers courtesy of CNN (PDF File), we can see that it did. Just three weeks ago, Lieberman had a net +12 favorability with the American people (40/28). Today? His favorabilities sit at a slightly chillier net of negative three (31/34). That is a fifteen-point shift in net favorability. In three weeks. Happy Holidays, Senator!!


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  • RI-Gov: As was predicted here days ago, it looks like the Rhode Island GOP is cuddling up to a familiar face in order to put a credible candidate into the mix for 2010. State GOP Chairman Giovanni Cicione met with 2006 Senate candidate and former Cranston Mayor Stephen Laffey on Wednesday, gauging his interest in a gubernatorial bid. While Cicione said he was not in a position to play kingmaker, he did offer that “we will do whatever we can to help him.” Which is different from handpicking candidates…how, exactly? Cicione’s romancing of Laffey might have something to do with the fact that Republicans do not have a single candidate (let alone one of Laffey’s caliber) committed to the contest.
  • PA-10: It seems that some state GOP officials in Pennsylvania are not feeling the Christmas spirit. After all, they have the burden to trying to recruit a legitimate candidate after the high-profile failure of the national GOP to lure Democratic Congressman Chris Carney to switch parties. Less than 24 hours after that attempt to pull Carney across the aisle came up snake-eyes, the state GOP wanted it made perfectly clear that they had nothing to do with the recruitment effort. Meanwhile, one of the local GOPers already committed to the race, county commissioner Malcolm Derck, was livid, calling the effort to recruit Carney a “slap in the face.”
  • VA-Sen: It’s not until 2012, but here is a quick item for the “Holy Crap!” file. Jim Webb already has a Republican who is casting at least one eye on a challenge for the U.S. Senate. The GOPer coveting a shot at Senator Webb? None other than former Senator George Allen. That’s right…Senator Macaca is contemplating a comeback:

    “Many people have encouraged me to run,” Allen said in a telephone interview. “Susan and I have heard that from many people. And the answer is: perhaps.”

    It is not beyond the realm of possibility, of course. Despite a Democratic year and the gaffe heard ’round the world, Allen did tally 49% of the vote in his narrow defeat at the hands of Webb.

  • MSNBC’s First Read puts together an intriguing list for your holiday reading pleasure: their list of the top ten political speeches of the decade

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