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Steve Marmel: ‘Twas the night before Health Care (C’mon! Everybody join in!)

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Hey all.
Well, it’s Christmas time, and the Senate has finally squatted out their version of the health bill, before they run home to talk about whether it was naughty or nice.

I’m sure there will be a thousand poems just like this, written by a thousand bloggers. I, however, would like your help to write the longest “Night Before Christmas” poem ever. Collaborative spirit? Or just plain laziness?

You be the judge.

I’ll start… y’all add some stanzas in the comments. Think we can write one as long as a three-gabillion page bill?


Twas the night before Christmas
And all through DC
Smiling Libs, pouting Cons
Were all you could see.

The health care bill passed
With no conservative help
Through the whole six month process
It seemed all they could yelp, was:

Socialism! Facism!
Panels of death!
That the chillbilly Palin
spread with each lie filled breath.

And outside the office
Whined Olympia Snowe
“This bill moved too fast”
Yeah, the bill she helped slow.

And while John Bohner seethes
At the self-tanning taxes
Both the left and right pundits
Ignored all the facts…es.

And McConnell and Boehner
Sat around all irate,
They seemed to forget
What went down in ‘08.

And while the blue dogs whittled down
As much as they could.
And Reid pandered Lieberman
More than he should;
And Parker Griffith showed spine made
Of light Balsa Wood
I still think, in the end,
That they did something good.

Twas the Night before Christmas
And this bill’s not perfected
But it’s better than nothing
By this guy we elected.

So while it might not be perfect
It’s still worth the cost.
To McCain and his pals, I say:
Suck it. You lost.

(Okay! Your turn!)

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