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Rory Freedman: Things I Learned In 2009

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Here are top 25 things I learned in 2009:

1. I can go six weeks without eating sugar.

2. I never want to do that ever again.

3. Saying what you mean and meaning what you say can be scary sometimes.

4. Speaking the truth gets a little easier each time you do it.

5. Traveling is magical, inspiring, and life-changing.

6. Traveling is challenging, confronting, and miserable.

7. It is nearly impossible for me to sleep with someone and not develop intense feelings for him.

8. Unless I’m traveling and leaving the country the following day. Then it’s just plain fun.

9. I can pee perfectly into a cup, while driving (cruise control on a highway), and not spill a drop.

10. Unless I pee so much that the cup gets filled–and I don’t realize it–and the cup runneth over.

11. I could blame the pee-smell in my car on my dogs.

12. I prefer to just tell the truth and laugh about it.

13. Giving my heart to someone who hasn’t earned it is foolish and painful.

14. Being open and vulnerable and jumping in with both feet is laudable. (However, it too may be foolish and painful.)

15. There are few things more terrifying than karaoke.

16. There are few things more liberating than karaoke.

17. A woman’s chemistry can make her crazy.

18. A man’s chemistry can make her fuckin’ batshit.

19. Instincts should never be ignored.

20. Sometimes it’s hard to tell where your instincts start and your baggage stops.

21. Regret is a waste of time.

22. I struggle with time management.

23. I’m afraid love may not exist the way I want it to.

24. I couldn’t give up on love if I tried.

25. I will likely learn all of this all over again in 2010.

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