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President Obama On Today’s Vote

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Calling it, “the most important piece of social legislation since the Social Security Act passed in the 1930’s,” President Obama reacted to today’s Senate vote on health care reform:

Morning, everybody.

In a historic vote that took place this morning, members of the Senate joined their colleagues in the House of Representatives to pass a landmark health insurance reform package. Legislation that brings us toward the end of nearly a century-long struggle to reform America’s health care system.

Ever since Teddy Roosevelt first called for reform in 1912, seven presidents, Democrats and Republicans alike, have taken up the cause of reform. Time and time again, such efforts have been blocked by special interest lobbyists who perpetuated a status quo that works better for the insurance industry than it does for the American people.

But with passage of reform bills in both the House and the Senate, we are now finally poised to deliver on the promise of real, meaningful, health insurance reform that will bring additional security and stability to the American people …

Agree or disagree with the bill, we are indeed on the verge of a historic achievement. But I take strong issue with this:

… brings us toward the end …

This bill won’t be the end all, it will be the first step. Let’s not let them forget that.

Update: President Obama’s complete remarks are below the fold.

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