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Midday Open Thread

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  • Katrina vanden Heuvel writes:

    Without fanfare, the good Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, has continued to work behind the scenes to champion community health centers–something he has done for years (also here). These non-profit, community-based facilities provide primary healthcare, dental care, mental health services, and low-cost prescription drugs on a sliding scale. As amendments were added in recent days to win over the Liebermans and Nelsons of the “greatest [undemocratic] deliberative body” in the world, Sanders made sure that a $10 billion increase in funding for the health centers was included.

  • Newt Gingrich has been at work trying to make 2010 into 1994. Here’s what he’d like to see:

    I think that both Ed Royce and Michele Bachmann, who are here today, are going to end up being chairs, probably in January of 2011.

  • Nick Baumann writes, Gun Owner Nabbed Near Obama Was Bush Employee:

    The man who was arrested with two guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition near the Capitol during President Barack Obama’s health care speech in September had been an employee of the George W. Bush White House. The arrest of the man, Joshua Bowman, was widely reported at the time, but the news stories made no mention of his previous employment: For several years he worked in the Executive Office of the President, dealing with tech issues, including White House emails …

  • Gizmodo discusses The Physics of Space Battles.
  • Debates about the merits of marriage are still based on the tired model of the nuclear family and ignore alternative ways of living, writes Natalie Hanman.
  • Robert Cruickshank has the lowdown on Arnold’s Christmas Present to California: More Cuts!

    This proposal shows that the Arnold Schwarzenegger experiment is, beyond any doubt, a failure. Brought to Sacramento in 2003 to solve a budget crisis and “blow up the boxes,” he instead helped create a far larger crisis by remaining stuck inside his own boxes, including an unwillingness to address the structural revenue shortfall by raising taxes on the wealthy in order to protect the public services that are essential to economic recovery.

  • Ring in the season correctly! The classic gripping and harrowing film “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians”, about a Martian plot to kidnap Santa Claus to bring Christmas to Mars, passed into the public domain recently and can be watched online for free. Featuring a young Pia Zadora at her finest. — ct
  • If one of your tasks during this holiday season is to make some repairs, here are some solutions you might not have thought of.
  • Reuters United Nations correspondent Louis Charbonneau has an analysis of what’s going to be important in 2010: arms control.

    Next year will be crucial for global nuclear non-proliferation efforts and all eyes will be on the United States and Russia to see if the two top atomic powers can reach a deal to reduce their arsenals.

    The big game-changer, of course, will be whether or not the United States will ratify the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, which will face considerable noisy opposition from a handful of US Senators. – Plutonium Page

  • Rob Biko Baker focuses on the Lessons from the Attack on Van Jones.
  • Eric Martin dissects The Fog of Warmongering.

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