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Teabagger fears he prayed Inhofe to death

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A tearful teabagger calls into C-SPAN, worried that following Tom Coburn’s exhortation to pray for a member to not show up for the health care vote led to the death of Senator James Inhofe, who skipped today’s health care cloture vote:


   CALLER: Yeah doctor. Our small tea bag group here in Waycross, we got our vigil together and took Dr. Coburn’s instructions and prayed real hard that Sen. Byrd would either die or couldn’t show up at the vote the other night.

   How hard did you pray because I see one of our members was missing this morning. Did it backfire on us? One of our members died? How hard did you pray senator? Did you pray hard enough

   HOST: Senator Barasso, he was referring to Senator Inhofe, who was not part of the round of voting this morning.

   BARASSO: The votes today, they needed 60 votes in favor of the bill. Senator Inhofe is opposed to the bill, and whether he was there or not didn’t make any difference. There was no way that Jim Inhofe was going to vote for the bill, the senator from Oklahoma. So that’s why he wasn’t there this morning.

   HOST: Do you know where he was, senator, why he wasn’t able to make the vote this morning?

   BARASSO: No, I don’t know.

I’m not sure what’s funnier: the tearful teabagger’s delusional fear that he prayed Inhofe to death, or Barasso’s response that it doesn’t really matter whether or not Republicans like Inhofe show up to vote.

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