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Somebody is Having a Happy Christmas

December 23rd, 2009, 12:12 am admin Leave a comment Go to comments

Via HuffPo healthcare reform is turning out very well for some.

The S&P Healthcare Index rose 1.4 percent, while the Morgan Stanley Healthcare Payor stock index rose 3.6 percent. The S&P Managed Health Care index rose 4.6 percent.

“All in all, relative to the last version of health reform issued by the Senate, things have turned out pretty well for the health insurance industry,” said Carl McDonald, an analyst at Oppenheimer. “In particular, all versions of a government-run health plan have largely been eliminated.”


Shares of Cigna rose 5.3 percent to $37.69. Shares of Aetna Inc rose 5.84 percent to $34.41. Humana Inc rose 3.79 percent to $45.17 and United Health Group Inc rose 5 percent to $33.14. Shares of Wellpoint Inc rose 3.8 percent to $60.51.

Shares of pharmacy benefit managers Medco Health Solutions Inc rose 3.84 percent to $65.51 and Express Scripts rose 5.2 percent to $88.77 as concern eased that an industry tax could be added to the bill in the final days leading up to the vote.

I suspect Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson will be commensurately rewarded.

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