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Shocked! Shocked to Find that Gambling is Going on in Here!

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Politics as usual is resulting in politics as usual.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — The top prosecutors in seven states are probing the constitutionality of a political deal that cut a funding break for Nebraska in order to pass a federal health care reform bill, South Carolina’s attorney general said Tuesday.

Attorney General Henry McMaster said he and his counterparts in Alabama, Colorado, Michigan, North Dakota, Texas and Washington state — all Republicans — are jointly taking a look at the deal they’ve dubbed the “Nebraska compromise.”


McMaster’s move comes at the request of Republican U.S. Sens. Lindsey Graham and Jim DeMint of South Carolina

Because never in the history of the Senate has a Senator gotten  a bit of pork for his own state, like “37 earmarks…, including $950,000 for ‘a convention center in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina,’” in stimulus legislation that he then opposed, eh Lindsey?

Is it a crappy deal for 49 states that they don’t also get the funding break Nebraska got? You bet it is. And the Senate could make all 49 of those states, many of them struggling much more than Nebraska, and the Senators that represent them happy by extending the same deal to them. That’s something that Graham and DeMint could work on, if they really cared.

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