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Midday Open Thread

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  • He might be one of the least distinguished and least well-known (even in his home state) members of the United States Senate. But you have to give credit where due to North Carolina’s GOP Senator Richard Burr–he is the hardest partier in the U.S. Congress. According to the Sunlight Foundation, Burr has been to 35 different soirees and fundraisers, according to their database of such events.
  • While some of the establishment Republicans in Alabama are welcoming Parker Griffith into the Republican Party, the love is not universal. Check out this entry from a right-wing blog in the state:

    With Mo Brooks, the front runner, and Les Phillip both staking out solid conservative positions I don’t see how a guy like Parker Griffith, who voted for Pelosi as Speaker and with her a majority of the time, has a prayer in a GOP primary in 2010.

    This makes Griffith a dead man walking.

    Apparently, Griffith did not calculate that this is a new day in the Republican Party. He might have gone from a Democratic apostate to the next Republican to get teabagged in no time flat. Interestingly, both Republican candidates already in the 2010 race (Mo Brooks and Les Phillip) have press conferences scheduled this afternoon.

  • More Griffith: this comes as absolutely no surprise, but the DCCC wants their money back.
  • Ann Nixon Cooper, the woman referenced so movingly by President-Elect Obama during his speech at Grant Park on Election Night 2008, passed away Monday in Atlanta, just weeks short of her 108th birthday. President Obama paused to pay tribute to her memory:

    It is especially meaningful for me that she lived to cast a vote on Election Day 2008, and it was a deep honor for me to mark her life in the speech I delivered that night. It was a life that captured the spirit of community and change and progress that is at the heart of the American experience; a life that inspired – and will continue to inspire – me in the years to come.

    Obama, you will recall, made the life and experiences of Cooper a central theme of his victory address.

  • Elections have consequences: incoming New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is preparing to take a hatchet to the state budget.
  • Tim Kaine, on his “Ask The Governor” radio program this morning, took a phone call from “Barry in Washington D.C.” Three guesses as to the identity of “Barry from Washington D.C.
  • Do you know where the most “unchurched” places in the Union are? It used to be in the Pacific Northwest, but not anymore.
  • Senator Roland Burris of Illinois has been pretty ticked about GOP obstructionism, and has decided to wax quite poetic about it.
  • Astounding picture of the East Coast blizzard courtesy of NASA’s Earth Observatory.–Devilstower
  • Kim Peek, the real life inspiration for the character played by Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man has died. Though he had difficulty with many things that most of us take for granted, Peek held in his head the word for word contents of over 12,000 books, could memorize a page of text in under ten seconds, and could read two different pages with his left and right eye at the same time. As he aged, Peek’s phenomenal memory was actually getting better. Unfortunately, his heart was not and he died of a coronary at age 58.  Peek was not autistic, but likely had a rare genetic anomaly referred to as FG Syndrome.–Devilstower
  • Raptors were smart, fast dinos, armed like a ninja and some could even fly. Now it looks like at least one species and possibly more might have been venomous as well!–DarkSyde

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