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Markos on Countdown: Don’t stop fighting for change

December 23rd, 2009, 05:12 am admin Leave a comment Go to comments

Here’s video of Markos on Countdown Monday night, making a key point about the health care legislation: until the bill is set in stone and on its way to the President’s desk, it can still be improved — there’s absolutely no reason to give up prematurely. Watch:

Key excerpt (full transcript at DKTV):

Once we have a final bill, and things are set in stone, then we can re-examine that bill. But right now, things can still change. To stop fighting for that change, to me, is patently ridiculous.

Any positive change from here on out is going to be because we keep pushing from the left not because we say, “Good enough. Let’s pass it.”

At this point, there is no question about whether or not a health care reform bill is going to pass the House and Senate and be sent to the President. The only question is how strong it will be, and there’s no reason to take our foot off the pedal now. Even small improvements can make a big difference in the quality of people’s lives. And in the end, isn’t that what this whole exercise has been about?

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