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Romi Lassally: Naughty Mom and Proud of It

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When mothers fess up on truuconfessions, I take the position that they’re venting about minor transgressions not bragging about bad behavior. But occasionally, a confession like this one bubbles up to the surface and makes me wonder:

I just slapped an ignorant, judgmental, loudmouth spoiled selfish childfree bitch right in her mouth. My son came up to her and said HI and she said, ‘ugh, your hands are dirty so don’t touch me” and I came over there and told her shame on you for hurting my son’s feelings, and then called her a bitch and walked away, she called me a “stupid breeder slut” and I turned around and SLAPPED her right across the fucking face! OMG that felt great. She called the cops, and they didnt’ do ANYTHING because I know them. LOL dumb bitch! NO one hurts my son’s feelings, or I will ATTACK.

I confess that I, along with TMC readers responded with a collective gasp — most, berating the mom for her irrational behavior and scolding her for being a terrible role model for her son. Readers acknowledged that yes, the woman insulted her (no one can argue that “ignorant breeder slut” isn’t a verbal slap) but shouldn’t a mom teach her child to respect personal space?

Needless to say, this confession and the continuing conversation took the “is it ever ok to give another mom parenting advice” issue we discussed last week to a whole new level. And it also pulled back the curtain on a simmering tension between moms and the childfree that often comes up in the confessional (and runs rampant on a childfree forum on livejournal.com)

What do you think? Do you sympathize with this mother who became violent in defense of her son? Could you imagine yourself going this far?

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