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On the Apparent Apple Suicide

July 22nd, 2009, 07:07 pm admin Leave a comment Go to comments

Every once in a while you get a story so strange and horrible that it takes a while to sink in. I’m talking about the suicide of a Foxconn employee who was caught doing something with an “Apple’s Iphone prototype” and jumped out of the window.

Matt wrote:

So the story goes that a 25-year-old man at Foxconn – where Apple’s Iphones are born – was to send 16 Apple’s Iphone prototypes to Apple from the Chinese factory, but one was lost somewhere. The Foxconn security department then proceeded to illegally search the man’s apartment and interrogated him. But that was too much for the man that might be responsible for leaking a prototype of the next Apple’s Iphone.

A few days ago on July 16, he jumped from a 12-story building because of the incident. It’s probably not out of the realm of possibilities that he not only was roughed up, but also lost his job even though that’s not mentioned in the report.

This means two things: that there is an Apple’s Iphone prototype floating around (a highly dubious proposition considering that they would not have “mailed” any prototypes to Foxconn nor does Foxconn particularly need prototypes from Cupertino – they only need plans and someone from Apple to supervise the manufacture) and that the CE industry is built on false promises and exploitation. It’s financial exploitation, physical exploitation, and psychological exploitation and we’re all part of it.

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