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Your Picks! HuffPost Readers Share Their Favorite Unknown NYC Haunts

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Last week, we told you about our favorite little-known spots in the city to get drink or a meal, and asked you to send us yours (fair’s fair!). Below are some of the most tantalizing descriptions, as written by HuffPost readers.

Ashford & Simpson’s Sugar Bar
254 West 72nd St

From Jim Bessman:

Owned and operated by legendary husband and wife Motown singer/songwriter/performers Nickolas Ashford and Valerie Simpson, the Sugar Bar is a fine restaurant and bar on the Upper West Side that on Thursday nights becomes the hottest spot in town by far. “Open Mic Thursday,” which begins at 9:30 and can run to 1:30 am and beyond, showcases
top local amateur talent as well as top-shelf pros like Freddy Jackson and Alyson Williams, and when they’re in town, everyone from Stevie Wonder to Patti La Belle to Michael McDonald. Valerie sings backup for everyone, sometimes joining the ace house band on piano. Nick holds court at the upstairs Cat Lounge, where revelers sing and dance along to a widescreen
monitor. All in all it’s a life-changing experience.

Shopsin’s General Store
120 Essex St., New York

From Larry Shields:

Now at its third location, it’s probably the most eccentric restaurant in New York.
Started by Ken and Eve Shopsin in the early 1970s as a Deli, it morphed into a small restaurant in the 1980s which lasted in one location on Bedford Street until 2003. It is now located in Essex Street Market with an “abbreviated” menu that has about 900 items.

It is family run, with the kids now running the operation with Dad (Eve passed away in 2003). Best place to eat and relax in NYC.

Taro Sushi
446 Dean St, Brooklyn

From Jonathan Twombly:

My Japanese wife used to wait until we went back to Japan to eat sushi, because no place here was good enough for her. Then we discovered Taro Sushi. They have a great chef’s makase for $40 — a fraction of what you’d pay in Manhattan for the same quality fish. The place is a hole in the wall without much ambiance. Obviously, they are focused on the food.

Simon Sips
72 East 1st St, New York

From Elisabeth Bullard:

Coffee perfection by day, dark, sexy wine bar by night. Excellent made in house baked goods, sandwiches, and small plates.

123 Lexington Ave, New York

From Josh Baran:

Kalustyan’s is one of the great food/spice shops in the galaxy. They grind all their own spices and spice mixtures, including dozens of amazing curry blends, oils and peppers you have never heard of, the best cinnamon and cardamom in the known world, dozens of different kinds of rices and lentils and couscous. And upstairs, there’s a great falafel café. If you are cook, this is a must visit place in new York.

Le Grand Dakar
285 Grand Ave, Brooklyn

From Jason Legler:

The homemade drinks (ginger, sorrel or tamarind) are superb. The service is very friendly and the food delicious. My favorite dish is “Thiebou Jenn,” the Red Rice and Blue Fish, as well as the vegetable mafe, an unctuous peanut sauce served over millet couscous. I also love the Coconut rice pudding with roasted mango. And it’s also affordable. Only in NY

Their chef Pierre Thiam has a beautiful cookbook “Yolele Recipes from the heart of Senegal” available at bookstores.

Marisco Centro
1490 St. Nicholas Ave, New York

From Karen Schuld:

Very unique! A taste of the Caribbean in Washington heights.

Have your own favorite not so known spot in the city? Email it to us at covernyc@huffingtonpost.com.

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